The Versatile Blogger Award


I was over the moon when Victoria over at A Kick at the Pantry Door contacted me to tell me that I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award! I only started my blog about 3 weeks ago so this seal of approval is totally unexpected. I am very appreciative!

The VBA is like a chain reaction, each nominee can display the award on their blog and in turn pass it on by nominating their own selection of great blogs. Find out more about how it works here.

The first rule is to select and nominate 15 blogs that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly. In no particular order, here are my 15 nominees:

1. My Food Challenge

It was in fact the lovely Hayley Toothill that inspired me to start my food blog after following her wonderful blog, My Food Challenge. Hayley has challenged herself to cook, eat and blog her way through 2013 with everything from almond and basil pesto to heavenly hazelnut cake!

2. Dolly Bakes

Rachel’s picture alone made me want to follow her blog (a snap of Rachel and two of my favourite people, Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood!) but it was also her amazing Cherryade Bundt Cake that caught my attention immediately….wow!

3. Little Bitty Bakes

Liz’s blog is exactly the type I love to read through with a good cup of tea! It’s filled with lots of sweet treats and the photos are mouth watering! It was Liz’s post that inspired me to make my peanut butter brownies.

4. Claire Bakes

I’ve been following Claire for a while on Instagram and as well as being totally in love with her cat, Luna (I am obsessed with cats!) her blog is awesome and also one of the inspirations for starting my own food blog. I’m going to have to try her Nutella swirled buns soon!

5. Wonderful You

Even though this isn’t a food blog, I had to nominate one of my bestest friends, Megan over at Wonderful You. Megs is a truly inspirational blogger and if you’re a lover of all things fashion and beauty, I’m sure you’ll fall in love with her too!

6. Kat vs Food

Kat’s blog caught my eye when she tweeted a picture of her picture perfect Bakewell Tart. She kindly sent over the recipe so I will definitely be trying my hand at this over the next few weeks and am looking forward to following her future posts.

7. Kerry Cooks

Kerry’s blog is one of new faves. One of the things that I love about it is her Cupcake Academy section that shares everything you need to turn out perfect cupcakes! I really want to develop my cupcake skills so will be following this one closely!

8. Laura Loves Cakes

Another newbie I am now following! Laura’s reason for blogging is very similar to my own, spending more time reading about cakes and not enough time baking them! How delicious do these chocolate and ginger tarts look?

9. Nate British Bake Off

Nate is working his way up to applying for the Great British Bake Off and becoming a Master Baker! I’m very excited to follow his journey! Check out his awesome photography, oh and this rather fine looking Pistachio Loaf, yummy!

10. Little Paper Swans

Cathryn introduced me to some other fabulous food bloggers on Twitter and I’m really enjoying her posts! I’ve taken inspiration from her peanut butter brownies and will shortly be baking my own. Her blog also includes some useful food photography tips.

11. The Joy of Caking

In the 3 weeks I have been blogging, I’ve really loved reading Eileen’s posts. There is so much variety and the photos are great. I really want to try her Ham, Spinach and Pasta Casserole – take a look!

12. A Kick at the Pantry Door

It was Victoria’s striking Black Forest Chocolate Cherry Cake that caught my eye and impressed me straight away! But that’s not all, this talented lady has made an xbox contoller cake, an autumn leaves carrot cake and a wine barrel cake!

13. What Kate Baked

Kate and I have something in common, ‘striving to satisfy a sweet tooth’ – it’s such a big problem! What Kate Baked is filled with tasty tea time treats including biscuits, cakes and puddings…heaven!

14. The Baking Explorer

I’m really looking forward to following Kat’s posts over at The Baking Explorer! Her ANZAC biscuits stole my heart and I really love the idea of the Great British Bake Off Challenge, which is definitely something I’m going to try myself when the next series is on!

15. The Brunette Baker

Another inspirational food blogger, Jenny The Brunette Baker. All her bakes are amazing but it’s the tone and humour behind her posts I really like. This Chocolate Blackout Cake really won me over!

Now, the 2nd rule is to tell you 7 things about me, so here it goes:

7 things about Me

1. I am currently awaiting to move into my first home with my very lovely boyfriend James. We’ve been saving for a couple of years ever sinced we finished uni and I can’t tell you how excited I am it’s finally come round!

2. I have been with James since I was 14. It’s our 10 year anniversary this year!

3. I studied Journalism at Sheffield Hallam University. I loved being in Sheffield and miss it every day!

4. I am a huge Take That fan and once got to kiss Gary Barlow. Jealous?

5. I love cats. I find myself watching cute kitten videos far too often! I currently have two cats at home, Bailey and Becks and as soon as we move into our new home, we are getting two kittens!

6. I am a FRIENDS addict. I’ll happily sit and watch episode after episode all day every day and tend to mimic exactly what they are going to say next.

7. I am absolutely terrified of frogs.

So there’s a little bit about me and I hope you enjoy all of the above blogs as much as I do!


8 Comments Add yours

  1. kerrycooks says:

    Thanks my dear! I’m going to check out all the other blogs, they look great!

  2. Hi Kelly, I found you through Victoria’s blog. I’m a UK baker too, it’s great to [virtually] meet you. And a BIG congratulations on getting your first kitchen, how exciting and of course, not forgetting your new blog.

    I’m following through RSS. If you get chance, please do stop by my baking/dessert blog, Sweet 2 Eat Baking. Have a sweet weekend. 🙂

    1. Kelly says:

      Hi Lisa, it’s great to virtually meet you too! And I love your blog! I’m going to add it to my fellow foodies section if you don’t mind. Looking forward to reading your posts 🙂 x

  3. Thank you so much for the recognition. So kind of you! I’m so glad to have found your blog. By the way, those peanut butter brownies look awesome 🙂

    1. Kelly says:

      Thanks Eileen, likewise 🙂 They tasted pretty awesome too! x

  4. Ahh Kelly thank you so much! Such a lovely thing to say. Bailey and Becks are so cute! Luna sends her love x x x x

  5. Megs says:

    Awe Kel, I love you. Thank you for including me. I may not be a food blogger, but I’m definitely a foody! Can’t wait to try some of your awesome baking skills when you’re all settled in!xxx

    1. Kelly says:

      Me too, although beware…I do not make Korma! x

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